Prohibited Burning Period Commences Today

Published on Thursday, 16 December 2021 at 8:58:52 AM

As of today, Thursday 16 December, we have entered the Prohibited Burning Period.
The Prohibited Burning Period extends throughout the summer months to Monday 28 February 2022.
During the Prohibited Burning Period the lighting of fires is strictly prohibited and is an offence under the Bushfire Act 1954.
Camp and cooking fires are also strictly prohibited during this time, except for at approved locations as listed on the Shire website: 
Remember to monitor the daily fire weather conditions for the Stirling Coastal Fire Weather District and tune in to local ABC radio to stay up-to-date with any emergency warnings.
Total Fire Bans and Vehicle Movement Bans are common during the Prohibited Burning Period.
Information on these bans and your responsibilities is listed on the Shire website: 
If you see smoke during the Prohibited Burning Period check Emergency WA ( for prescribed burning activities which may be undertaken by DBCA and call 000.
If you're interested in joining your local fire brigade, please contact the relevant Fire Control Officer: 
To help prepare yourself for a bushfire event, you can join your local Bushfire Ready group.

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