Vegetation Clearing

Native vegetation is protected under the Environmental Protection Act (1986).

All clearing of native vegetation is prohibited unless a clearing permit is granted by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation or the clearing is for an exempt purpose, as defined under the Act or the Environmental Protection (Clearing of Native Vegetation) Regulations 2004. Clearing of native vegetation also includes the collection of firewood, flower picking, seed collection and removal of dead or dying vegetation. 

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Clearing Permits

Clearing of native vegetation is illegal without an approved permit from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation unless an exemption applies.

Information about clearing permits and exemptions including the referrals process, public comments, environmentally sensitive areas, guidelines and more are available on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation Native Vegetation Clearing Permits page.

The Shire cannot authorise native vegetation clearing where exemptions (such as clearing for bushfire compliance, fence lines, cross-overs or other developments) do not apply

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Exemption: Clearing for Bushfire Compliance

All residents are required to comply with the annual Firebreak and Fuel Management Notice, or risk penalties.

Residents may be required to carry out some clearing activities to make their property safe and accessible during bushfire season, including:

  • Asset Protection Zone maintenance
  • Trafficable Firebreaks
  • Low Fuel Boundary Ares 

The Shire also carries out an annual Fire Mitigation Program to further reduce the risk locally.

For more information on bushfire compliance, please contact our Ranger Services team.

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Exemption: Fence Lines, Cross-overs and Other Developments

Our Sustainability, Infrastructure Services and Planning teams can assist with clearing approvals for exemptions such as:

Exemptions will not apply in environmentally sensitive areas, along waterways, or where known threatened flora or fauna habitat exists.

For more information, please contact our team or the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

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Our Sustainability, Infrastructure, Planning and Ranger Services teams can be reached at (08) 9848 0300 or

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation can be reached at (08) 6364 7000 or 

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