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When asbestos-containing materials are left undisturbed they are relatively harmless, however if the material is damaged or disturbed it may release fibres into the air which can be dangerous to health. The Department of Health WA provides detailed information on asbestos. 

If you have a concern about asbestos in your neighbourhood please complete a Report It form.

Information about Asbestos removal can be found at:

Documents for Asbestos
Asbestos Removal Information Sheet

The Denmark Waste Management Reuse Facility is licensed to accept asbestos waste. Fees and conditions apply. 

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Mould may grow when conditions are damp, dark and poorly ventilated. Once the cause of the excess moisture encouraging mould growth has been rectified the mould can then be removed. Department of Health WA provide information on this process.

If you are renting a property which has a mould problem, your rental agent should be the first contact.

For further assistance, Community Legal Western Australia may be able to help you with your tenancy issues.

For mould issues in a community building, please complete our online Report It form.

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Rainwater Tanks

Water tanks are becoming more popular within both residential and rural areas. Information about safely installing and using rainwater tanks can be found at:

Information on constructing a new rainwater tank and what approvals you may need in the Shire of Denmark is available on our Guidelines and Information Sheets page.

Frequently Asked Question: What fitting do I need on my tank to allow fire brigades to take water? 
Answer: Male Camlock 50mm

In the event of a bushfire, rainwater tanks can become contaminated with ash or flame retardants. Please visit our Bushfire Recovery page for more information.

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Public Buildings

In efforts to protect the safety and well-being of the public, any venue where an event or function will be held, including temporary public buildings such as marquees, is inspected to ensure it meets the required standards and has adequate exits, lighting, ventilation and sanitary facilities.

Under the provisions of the Public Building Regulations it is necessary for some public buildings to have an emergency evacuation plan. This information is presented to help organisations prepare an emergency evacuation plan for their building.

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Our Environmental Health Officer is available to assist with queries.

Please complete our online Report It form to report an issue.

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