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Thinking of investing locally? Denmark is open for business and we invite you to discover all that our beautiful district has to offer. Our Planning Services team is here to assist with enquiries to navigate through regulations, legislations and approvals.

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Supporting Local Business

Council has a number of policies and procedures which aim to support local business, as well as ensuring transparency and ethical behaviour when purchasing goods and services.

It is a common occurrence for our team to be asked to provide contact details and/or recommendations regarding local suppliers and/or contractors. Council encourages the provision of this information in the interest of customer service however staff take great care to avoid recommending one supplier/contractor over another. 

Regional Price Preference and Purchasing Policies

The Shire has both a Regional Price Preference Policy and a Purchasing Policy, aimed at supporting local businesses while upholding best practice approach to purchasing in compliance with the Local Government Act 1995.

Both policies can be accessed from our Policy Manual.

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Local Business Directory

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce produces a Denmark & Districts Business and Community Directory. Find more about the Chamber and the directory at the link below:

Retail Trading Hours Exemption

The following exemption, effective from 1 January 1994, applies to general retail shops in the Town of Denmark.

Extended Trading Hours

Section 12 of the Retail Trading Hours Act 1987 does not apply to the general retail shops specified in Column 1 of the Schedule on the days or during the hours specified opposite and corresponding to those general retail shops in Column 2 of the Schedule.

General Retail Shops in the Town of Denmark Any day between the hours of 8.00am and 9.00pm

Planning and Building Services

Our Planning and Building Services team, as well as our Environmental Health, Community and Technical Services teams are available to provide assistance through the applications processes involved in setting up a business here in the Shire of Denmark.

Our teams are guided by government legislation, in addition to our own local strategies and policies, so they can help you make sure your business fits with our community expectations and visions. For more information about what guides us, please visit the below links:

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Our Planning Services team can be reached at (08) 9848 0300 or

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