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The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 specify allowed decibel levels depending on the day and time. The regulations ensure acceptable levels are met, with flexibility to allow normal activities to occur. For a better understanding of these regulations, please view our Noise Information Sheet.

In most cases, noise issues are resolved by talking to the people involved, where this has not worked you can lodge a noise enquiry via our Report It form or submit a Noise Investigation Pack. 

For anti-social behaviour and after hours noisy parties, please contact the Denmark Police.

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Wood Smoke

Wood smoke is a pollutant that can adversely affect our health. 

Research has confirmed that the smoke produced by incorrectly operated domestic wood heaters produces haze/smog. The use of dry firewood makes a large difference in how much pollution your wood heater produces. Wet or green wood doesn’t generate much heat, and causes a wood heater to smoke excessively.

Please refer to our Wood Smoke information sheet for more information.

Documents for Wood Smoke
Wood Smoke Information Sheet

To report an issue to the Shire, please complete our online Report It form.

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Dust and Sand Control

Dust and sand drift is a common issue during warmer months and in windy conditions.

It is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the land to ensure sand or dust escapes do not cause a nuisance to the surrounding community. As this mainly occurs during development of land, there are obligations on developers to minimise the inconvenience caused to neighbouring landowners.

Good dust suppression practice includes:

  • Limiting cleared areas by retaining vegetation on site to stabilise topsoil cover.
  • Scheduling developments or planned works so that they can be carried out at a time of year that will reduce dust emissions and its impact.
  • Having appropriate physical barriers to significantly help control dust over short distances.
  • Covering or watering soil piles or large cleared land areas, as an effective short term practice that can suppress the soil particles ability to become airborne.
  • Use of hydro-mulch, which is extremely effective in suppression of materials after earthworks where no access by pedestrians or vehicles is possible.

If you have a concern about dust or sand drift in your neighbourhood please complete our online Report It form.

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Our Environmental Health Officer is available to assist with queries related to pollution in the Shire of Denmark.

Please complete our online Report It form to report an issue.

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