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Trading in Public Places

The Shire’s Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law and associated guidelines, provide for the management of a variety of traders wishing to conduct trade in a public place within the Shire of Denmark. Trading includes selling, hiring, soliciting, displaying or offering goods or services. Types of public trading activities may include:

  • Fitness groups 
  • Mobile Traders/ Food trucks
  • Fundraising, collections, petitioning
  • Pedestrian barriers  (outside of business premises)
  • Retail & Stall holders

Principles that explain and support the Activities in Thoroughfares and Public Places and Trading Local Law and also describe where public trading are also available from the Shire.

Approval Procedure

All Trader Permits applications must be submitted in writing. Assessment considers the proposed location and impact the activity may have on established businesses close by, the desirability of the proposed activity, locations of trade, site availability, traffic flow and the amenities at the desired location.

Please note: all Public Trading Permit applications are subject to internal and external assessment. Generally, applications that directly compete with local businesses are not supported.

The following information must be provided in your application:

  • The proposed trading activity type
  • The proposed location/locations you wish to trade
  • The proposed days and times you wish to trade, and
  • Details of the proposed stall/vehicle.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance must also be attached to the application.

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Alfresco Dining and Street Displays

Expanding a business onto the adjacent footpath requires approval, guided by the Alfresco Dining and Trading in Public Places policy.

Please complete the Application for Permit to Run a Business on Council Land form and provide the following information:

  • Site Plan showing locations of alfresco area marked clearly
  • Description of activity and how the proposal meets the Shire's policy requirements

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Skin Penetration

Tattoos, body piercing, branding, cutting and scarification are all types of body art and can also be defined as skin penetration. Regulations provide for proper hygiene and control of infectious diseases, general information can be found on the Healthy WA website.

Businesses seeking to offer this service will need approval from the Shire, and must adhere to guidelines and codes of practice.

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Information and application forms are available for those who wish to establish or currently operate a hairdressing establishment in the Shire.

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Our Environmental Health Officer can assist with queries on 9848 0300 or enquiries@denmark.wa.gov.au.

To report an issue, please complete our online Report It form.

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