Planning & Building Services

Planning Services

Our Planning Services team is responsible for assessing proposals for new development and changes to land use. The aim of this process is to make sure that our Shire grows and changes in a way that is consistent with our community’s vision for the future. This assessment also considers state legislation that provides direction for managing bushfire risk, sewerage disposal, residential building design and a range of other matters.

Building Services

Our Building Services team is responsible for assessing building works to ensure they meet the construction standards of the Building Code of Australia. The aim of this process is to ensure that building works are completed to minimum quality standards and result in the development of safe, healthy and sustainable buildings. We are proud to be able to provide residential building certification and permits in-house as a local service for our community.

Contact Us

General Enquiries

Our busy Planning and Building team members can be reached at (08) 9848 0300 or

We do receive a large volume of queries, so we thank you for your patience as we do our best to respond as fast as possible. Our Information Sheets and Guidelines might be able to assist you in the meantime.

Community Consultations

Find details about current community consultations online at our Enquiries and Public Consultation page.

Accessibility Information: We always make our public information and consultations available in multiple formats, so if you would prefer to read a hard-copy document related to a community consultation, or if you would like to provide your feedback to us in writing rather than online, please visit our Administration Building during business hours (9am- 4pm, Monday to Friday) and our Customer Service team will be able to assist you.

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