Livestock and Wildlife

Shire Rangers can be called upon to manage wandering livestock, while wildlife is managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

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Livestock on the Road

Owners of livestock in Denmark are responsible for ensuring their fences and gates are capable of containing their animals within the boundaries of their property. Livestock wandering onto either public land or other private property may cause accident or injury and owners are liable for any damages.

Should Rangers be called upon to remove stock from the road or impound livestock the owner will incur poundage fees and an infringement.

Snake Removal

If you come across a snake in or around your house, do not approach. If you would like to have a snake removed from your property, keep an eye on where it is and contact a trained and licensed volunteer reptile handlers for removal.

    • Levi Freeman 0400 277 891 
    • Michelle Woollard 0431 008 795 (located Mount Barker - please make a donation to cover fuel costs) 
    • Will White 0431 364 788     
    • Jack Rowlands 0473 238 988       
    • Ray Lloyd 0438 012 271
    • Martin Vandongen 0427 532 504
    • Graeme Evans 0434 099 793    

If you can't get in contact with a volunteer reptile handler, Shire Rangers can be called out to catch and relocate a snake on your property.

The below fees and charges apply:

2023/24 Snake Removal and Relocation Fees Standard Fees

Pensioner Fees

(50% of Standard Fees)

Normal hours Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm (call out fee incl.)

(per snake)


(per snake)

Bee Removal

If you come across a bee hive in or around your house and would like to get it removed, there are some local bee hive removers in our district.

  • David 0477 520 557
  • Robert 0427 540 798
  • Chris 0427 285 043

Please discuss fees with the bee hive remover.

Dead or Injured Kangaroos

If you come across a dead kangaroo on the road, safely pull it off the road if possible.

Injured kangaroos should be reported to Wildcare Helpline or to Ranger Services.

Poison and Baits

Frequently Asked Question: Can I put out baits or poisons on my property for pests?

Use of 1080 and strychnine is restricted by law and confined to certain areas of the state, further information and permits are available from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The Shire of Denmark is not licensed to use baits or poisons.

Sharks and Other Marine Life

Shark sighting information is published on the Shark Smart website.

Waterways, including Prawn Rock Channel, Wilson Inlet, Kwoorabup and Frankland Rivers are managed by the Department of Transport

Shire of Denmark Rangers cannot interfere with marine wildlife, but may be involved with closing a beach if required.


  • To report wandering livestock (sheep, cattle, goats), call Ranger Services on 9848 0300
  • To report injured wildlife, call DBCA Walpole on 9840 0400 or visit the DBCA website
  • Information for poison and/or bait permits is available from DPIRD

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