Rates Calculation

Rates are calculated by multiplying a rate in the dollar (set by Council) by your property valuation, as supplied by the WA State Government Landgate, Property & Valuation Services Department.

Council sets the rate in the dollar as part of each year’s budget process. It is based on the Shire’s expenditure requirements, both operating and capital, offset by other forms of income such as government grants and fees for service.

The local government rate charge is calculated as follows:

Valuation * Rate in the $ expressed as a percentage

Example one

Valuation = $10,000 and the rate in the $ = 10.0000 cents

Shire rate charge = $1,000 [$10,000 * 10.0000%]

Example two

Valuation = $400,000 and the rate in the $ = 0.5000 cents

Shire rate charge = $2,000 [$400,000 * 0.5000%]

If the minimum payment is higher than the rate charge, then the minimum payment replaces the rate charge.