Sustainability refers to meeting the needs of future generations through environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity. The effect of human-induced global climate change has in recent years emerged as having increasing impacts upon biodiversity, human health and natural resources.

Shire Sustainability Services

The Shire adopts the following definition of sustainability: "the integration of environmental health, social equity and economic vitality in order to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come. The practice of sustainability recognises how these issues are interconnected and requires a systems approach and an acknowledgement of complexity." (UCLA, 2021). Sustainability Services at the Shire of Denmark utilises a multi-faceted approach to strive towards balancing economic, social and environmental factors and setting key environmental priorities for the future.

The effect of human-induced global climate change has in recent years emerged as having increasing impacts upon biodiversity, human health and natural resources. It has become paramount for the developed world to act as leaders in the global community to implement sustainable practices, mitigation actions and adaptation strategies to address impacts from a changing climate.

The Shire monitors the effects of climate change and implements and advocates for policies that will not only mitigate any adverse effects, but also take advantage of any opportunities created.

The Shire of Denmark Council unanimously endorsed the Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 in March 2021.

Read the Shire of Denmark Sustainability Strategy 2021- 2031

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Read the Sustainability Strategy Community Consultation Findings Report

Regional Climate Alliance

The Shire of Denmark is part of the Regional Climate Alliance following an announcement in July 2021 of South Coast Alliance’s successful application to the pilot program worth $500,000.

South Coast Alliance (SCA) is a partnership between Shires of Denmark, Jerramungup and Plantagenet, along with the City of Albany, representing a joint commitment towards sustainable development and action on shared climate priorities in the Southern Coastal region of WA.

As part of the Western Australian Climate Policy, the Regional Climate Alliance program provides Local Governments across the State with the opportunity to demonstrate how they plan to work together to achieve positive action on climate. SCA was announced as one of two successful applicants to the pilot program which received a total of eight applications representing 51 regional Western Australian Local Governments.

Denmark Shire President Ceinwen Gearon was delighted with the news. “This is an amazing outcome for the South Coast Alliance and clearly demonstrates the advantages of collaboration across our traditional municipal boundaries,” Cr Gearon said. “This Regional Climate Alliance pilot program will provide these four Local Government authorities with the opportunity to pool efforts and to reduce the duplication of efforts.”

The SCA application to the program impressed the judging panel with a strong demonstration of the Alliance’s capacity to address climate action a regional scale, pledging to undertake projects that reduce emissions from fleet vehicles and waste, as well as improving bushfire preparedness and management.

The pledge made collectively by SCA aligns closely with the Shire of Denmark Sustainability Strategy which was formally endorsed by Council in March 2021.

Sustainability Strategy Working Group chairperson and Shire of Denmark Councillor Jan Lewis said she was excited by the possibility of fast tracking some key objectives outlined in the Shire’s Sustainability Strategy. “I’m excited that our regional partnership has been given this opportunity to work together to reduce our impact on the planet,” Cr Lewis said. “It will allow us to fast track some of the actions in our Sustainability Strategy and to share our vision for a more sustainable future with our neighbouring communities.”

The Regional Climate Alliance program is overseen by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in partnership with the Western Australian Local Government Association.


RCA Roadmap to Zero

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Sustainable Projects Funding Opportunities

Grants for Sustainable Enterprise Projects

Denmark Community Windfarm Inc. distributes its income from the Denmark Windfarm through the Community Sustainable Living Fund into projects focused on enhancing sustainability, operating in the Shire of Denmark and on the south coast. The group seeks to support and complement the Denmark Shire’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 2021-2031 and associated Sustainability Action Plan and Climate Emergency Declaration. Financial support is available to enterprises (community, government or business) promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Denmark region, initiatives intended to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. DCW Inc. is especially keen to provide funding to projects that address climate change mitigation; emissions reduction, carbon sequestration and/or adaptation. 

Proposals for funding (generally greater than $3,000) are welcome at any stage, or for any component, of a sustainability enterprise initiative and will be received at any time for consideration – the grant process is not competitive and limited only by the funds available at the time. The committee is available to assist in proposal development, particularly in scaling up initiative / proposal objectives.

Initiatives are invited to submit proposals for funding now. A one page synopsis of a proposal can be emailed to Enquiries / information: 0402839587 See Denmark Community Windfarm Inc. Facebook page 

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