Creative Solutions For Early Onset Dementia 

The pilot for Creative Solutions for early-onset dementia has now been completed. Supported by the Shire of Denmark, the program is now offered as Creative Seniors on an ongoing basis at the Denmark Community Resource Centre. 

About Creative Solutions

The Creative Solutions program is a series of workshops that focuses on art, music and mindfulness therapies to support people with early-onset dementia or people at risk of acquiring dementia. 

The aim of the program is to:

  • Build a sense of connection for people with early onset dementia or at risk of acquiring dementia by encouraging conversation and memory recall, increasing confidence and using motor skills
  • Create an inclusive community for people living with dementia to actively participate in community life
  • Create a sense of belonging for people with early onset dementia in the Denmark community
  • Support people with early-onset dementia to help reduce social isolation
  • Raise community awareness of dementia to reduce the stigma associated with dementia
  • Support our aging community to remain more mentally active to reduce the likelihood of developing dementia-related illness

Key benefits:

The activities can help with building a sense of connection, encouraging conversation, encouraging memory recall, increasing confidence, using motor skills and providing stimulation.

For more information, please contact Denmark Community Resource Centre on (08) 9848 2842 or visit