Waterwise Council

In 2017, the Shire of Denmark was officially endorsed as a Waterwise Council by the Water Corporation and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. Waterwise Council endorsement is awarded for the Shire’s commitment to sustainable water management in Denmark. Endorsement criteria included: development of a Water Efficiency Action Plan, which set water use targets, and actions on how to achieve those targets, over the next 5 years; staff waterwise training; a review of community and Shire water use; and, no breaches of ground or scheme water for 12 months. The Shire’s Water Efficiency Action Plan (2017-2022) can be viewed here  

Water Consumption and Costs - Performance of the Shire's Assets

Annual water performance data (from 2012-2013) can be found in the Shire's Annual Reports at http://www.denmark.wa.gov.au/documents/?CategoryId=40 

Rainwater Tanks and Greywater Re-use Systems Policy

In February 2010, Council adopted a Town Planning Scheme Policy Number 40: Rainwater Tanks and Greywater Re-use Systems. The Shire of Denmark developed this policy to encourage landowners, developers and builders to incorporate rainwater tanks and greywater re-use systems within residential areas. This will achieve a number of environmental benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of water restrictions in the future;
  • Increased local awareness of water scarcity and usage;
  • Promoting the responsible use of water supplies and reducing the demand on the Water Corporation supply network;
  • Encouraging waterwise developments through recycling of greywater and other initiatives; and,
  • Promoting an overall increased level of sustainability within residential areas.

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