Council Committees & Working Groups

The Shire of Denmark has several Committees and Working Groups that meet on a regular or semi-regular basis to oversee operations and make recommendations to Council in their specific areas of responsibility. 

Committee and Working Group meetings are not open to the public as they have delegated authority however, they all have Councillor(s) as members who can be contacted should there be matters which members of the public wish to be considered by a Committee or Working Group.

Download a copy of Council's Council Committee and Working Group Delegates for a list of Council Member delegates. Visit the Councillor Contact page.


Audit Advisory Committee

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

Disability Services Advisory Committee

Roadwise Advisory Committee

Behaviour Complaints Committee


Denmark Bushfire Mitigation Working Group

Laing Park Dog Exercise Area Development Working Group

Paths and Trails Development Plan Working Group

Local Planning Strategy Working Group

Public Health Plan Working Group (Community Well-Being)

Waste Reform Working Group

Strategic Community Plan Working Group (Denmark Talks)

Community Member Positions on Committees & Working Groups

From time to time, Council advertises for community member vacancies on Council Committees or Working Groups. Generally this will occur following a Local Government Election, which is every two years else at the time of establishing a new Committee or Working Group.

Download an Application Form