Making a Complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or grievance with the services and/or facilities that the Council administers. A complaint can also relate to events within the community which Council has the power to administer such as noise, smell, parking, public health or construction related activities.

To ensure confidentiality, details such as name and address are not divulged to any person when a complaint is received.  Details of the complaint will also remain confidential to Council Officers, subject to the compliance with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, where applicable.

Any person who makes a complaint to the Council must provide their name and address so that Council Officers can seek further clarity, or information, as required.

The Council has a Complaints Management Policy (Policy No. P040214) (for external complaints) and a Complaints/Grievance Procedure (Policy No. P040215) (for employees who wish to have a grievance or complaint formally reviewed).

It is important to note that a complaint is not the same as a request for service, a request for information or an enquiry seeking clarification of an issue.

The following list provides guidance on how to make a complaint the Shire of Denmark.

Service Complaint

Complaints about Council Policies, Procedures, Fees & Charges, Employees, Contractors / Agents or the quality of services.

You can detail your complaint in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Denmark and either email it to or send it to PO Box 183, Denmark WA 6333.

Complaints Regarding Others within the Community (on a matter that is under the control of the Shire of Denmark) – eg. noise, smells, parking, graffiti, public health or alleged breaches of Shire of Denmark Local Laws, planning or building conditions.

You can put your complaint in writing, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Denmark and either email it to or send it to PO Box 183, Denmark WA 6333. 

Complaints about Animals

eg. dogs barking, cats, livestock in public areas, strays etc..

You can either contact Council Rangers or put your complaint in writing and email it to or post it to PO Box 183, Denmark WA 6333.

Objection, Appeal or Review Rights

Rights of individuals to seek a review of a Council or Council Officer’s decision or conditions relating to a decision.

Please refer to the Shire of Denmark’s Your Objection, Appeal or Review Rights Explained information booklet.

Complaints about an Elected Member (Councillors)

About conduct or behaviour (alleged breaches of the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007).

Can either be in writing, addressed to the Shire President of the Shire of Denmark or alternatively, you can contact the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and/or go to

Public Interest Disclosures (PID)

A complaint made to the Council’s delegated PID Officer about alleged certain types of wrong doing within the local government, that tend to show past, present or proposed future improper conduct by a public body.

Visit our Public Interest Disclosures page for more information.