Sustainability Environmental Education Program

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Community-oriented Environmental Education Programs

The Shire of Denmark is proud to be providing financial and in-kind Officer support to local not-for-profit non-government organisations to help conduct a variety of community-oriented environmental education programs through the Shire’s sustainability budget portfolio.

Following an expression of interest, the Shire received a number of submissions and was able to support proposals that met the criteria by local community organisations including Green Skills, Denmark Environment Centre, Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee, and South Coast Bush Care Services (formerly Denmark Weed Action Group). The community-oriented environmental education programs include:

  • conduction of five x Community Garden Workshops at the Community Resource Centre including provision of tutor fees, garden resources, an arts project installation, and contributions towards a South West Community Garden forum being co-ordinated by Green Skills;
  • an Owl Friendly Denmark Region Campaign including development of information stalls with display material and best pest control methods, a walk and workshop, and design and production of an information brochure on Secondary Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARS) co-ordinated by the Denmark Environment Centre;
  • contribution of funding towards Elders Gathering Koorabup Beelia: Kwoorabup Park elders gathering to show respect for culture and waterways to the broader community being co-ordinated by Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee;
  • conduction of two workshops by the South Coast Bushcare Services on Garden Escapees and Local Native Weed Look-alike Plants;
  • conduction of two Plant Propagation workshop held by the Shire's Revegetation Officer on seed propagation techniques and growing plants through clonal techniques (cuttings) of local native plant species
  • four movie screenings of the movie entitled 'Blue'; public screenings and screenings to local primary and high school students. The movie Blue is about plastic pollution and over-harvesting of our oceans, and what we can do to protect this precious environmental resource into the future;
  • conduction of a FoodScraps to Fertiliser workshop presented by Green Services, on twin bin composting, wormfarming, and bokashi fermentation composting.

The community-oriented environmental education workshops are aligned with the recently endorsed Shire Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 key principle of Culture and Community 3.7 to “Promote partnerships with not-for-profits to deliver Shire activities… that support sustainable principles” and Sustainability Action Plan action item LN15 "Provided educational resources to the broader community on protection of the natural environment.”