The Shire maintains the following registers pursuant to the Local Government Act 1995, associated Regulations and Council Policies. 

Notifiable Gift Register

The Local Government Act 1995, the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) and the Shire of Denmark's Code of Conduct requires Elected Members and Designated Employees to disclose acceptance of a gift within ten days of receipt to the Chief Executive Officer.

Download Current Gift Register

Gift Register - REMOVED

Electoral Gift Register

The Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 require that a donor or candidate must disclose a gift made or received during the disclosure period, as defined under Regulation 30C, with respect to Local Government Elections.

Electoral Gift Register

Complaints Register

The Local Government Act 1995 requires a Complaint Register be maintained. This register records all complaints against Elected Members that result in a finding under section 5.110(2)(a) where a minor breach has occurred.

Shire of Denmark Minor Breach Complaints Register

Continuing Professional Development - Register of Elected Members Training

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1995, and associated Regulations, each Council Member must complete mandatory training within 12 months of being elected.

The mandatory training, or Elected Member Essentials, include the following modules: Understanding Local Government; Conflicts of Interest; Serving on Council; Meeting Procedures and Debating and Understanding Financial Reports and Budgets.

In addition, a local government is required to adopt a policy on the continuing professional development of its Elected Members (refer Policy P040138) and maintain, and publish, a report on the training that each Elected Member has undertaken.

Elected Member Training Register

Delegations Register

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1995, a local government is required to keep a register of all delegations and each delegation is required to be reviewed at least once annually.

Delegations Register