Dog Exercise Areas

The Shire has several dog exercise areas available for you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors together.

For the enjoyment and safety of everyone, when walking your dog in a reserve, you must keep it under effective control. This means keeping your dog close to you and not allowing it to bother other people or animals. Even if your dog is being playful or friendly, others may feel uneasy with its behaviour. Remember, some people do not like to be approached by dogs.

The Shire also provides dog waste bags in convenient locations to promote and encourage correct practice. If there are no bags available, it is still the dog owner's responsibility to act responsibly and remove any dog waste.

The parks and reserves pinpointed on the map show dog exercise areas and the areas where dogs are prohibited.

You can find out more about the available facilities and locations by zooming in and selecting the location icon on the map below.  

Map Legend