Camping information for visitors

Parry Beach Campground   Phone: 0427 641 524 (Phone calls for bookings will not be returned.)

Bookings are NOT AVAILABLE at Parry Beach Campground. More information about Parry Beach Campground is available here.

There are no overflow campsites available in the Shire of Denmark.

Campfire Information

Campfires have the potential to cause a bushfire emergency and are therefore subject to strict regulations.

Campfires may only be lit during the Prohibited Burning Season (16 December 2021 - 28 February 2022) in the following circumstances:

Caravan parking in Denmark

Parking for caravans is available at the following locations, please note that time limits may apply.

  • Berridge Park
  • Annie Harrison Park
  • Denmark Visitor Centre
  • North Street

Emergency information for visitors

Bushfire risk, warnings and information

Bushfire and emergency information, Total Fire Ban details and daily Fire Weather Warnings are available and regularly updated via DFES on the the Emergency WA website.

Local emergency information and details of Total Fire Bans and Harvest and Vehicle Movement bans are broadcast at regular intervals on local ABC radio.

Our local station is ABC Great Southern which you can tune into on 630AM on your radio or stream ABC Great Southern local radio online via your smartphone.

You can also subscribe to the Shire of Denmark SMS Alert System to receive important community updates, but this is not a service to rely on in an emergency - ABC emergency radio broadcasts and Emergency WA should be everyone's first points of call for information.

If you would like to check the Fire Danger Rating during your stay in our region please keep in mind Denmark, Peaceful Bay and Nornalup may be under a different Fire Danger Rating than neighbouring Walpole and Mount Barker. The Shire of Denmark is located in the Stirling Coast Fire Danger Rating region. Neighbouring Walpole is located in the Leeuwin Fire Danger Rating region and Mount Barker is located in the Stirling Inland Fire Danger Rating region. 

What is the Fire Danger Rating and what does it mean?

The Fire Danger Rating tells us how dangerous a bushfire would be if one started. The higher the rating, the more severe the bushfire is expected to be.

Whenever you are staying in a bushfire prone area overnight, DFES recommends:

  • Find out the bushfire safety plans in place in the area
  • Find out where you can shelter safely nearby, in case you need to leave
  • Ask for information on alternative routes to leave the area
  • Always take advice from Emergency Services personnel if a bushfire occurs

What is a Total Fire Ban?

DFES declares a Total Fire Ban on days when fires are most likely to threaten lives and property. When a Total Fire Ban is declared, it is illegal to light an open-air fire or conduct any activity that could start a fire. On a Total Fire Ban day you cannot light an open-air fire or conduct any activity that could start a fire. This includes lighting a campfire, using a welder, grinder, firing up a wood or charcoal BBQ, using a wood-fired pizza oven, driving a vehicle in fire-prone areas and more. Read all about Total Fire Bans and what you can and can't do here.

What is a Vehicle Movement Ban?

Vehicle Movement Bans are issued by Local Government (through the Chief Bushfire Control Officer) when the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery may be of elevated bushfire risk. 

What if both a Total Fire Ban and Vehicle Movement Ban are in place?

If both bans are in place, you cannot use a vehicle, equipment or machinery powered by an internal combustion engine on land covered by bush, crop, pasture or stubble.

Staying safe on our coastline

The Southern Ocean is a powerful force. The water often looks inviting, but there are beaches in our Shire which can be dangerous.

There are a number of Beach Emergency Numbering (BEN) signs at various beaches and national parks to assist Emergency Services in locating the area where an emergency may have occurred. In the case of an emergency, call Triple Zero (000) and quote the unique code on the nearest sign to the operator. (The signs can also be used to report shark sightings to Water Police on (08) 9442 8600.) The safest places to swim is always between the red and yellow flags on a patrolled beach. In Denmark, Surf Lifesaving WA and the Denmark Surf Lifesaving Club patrol the waters at Ocean Beach.

Angel Rings are also installed at a number of coastal rock fishing locations, thanks to a collaboration between Recfishwest and the Shire of Denmark. Royal Lifesaving Western Australia urges rock fishers to take safety very seriously.

Current information about shark sightings in Western Australia is available at Shark Smart.

Planning your visit in the Shire of Denmark

Visitor Services in our Shire

The Denmark Visitor Centre is open Monday - Saturday from 9.30am - 3.30pm, pop by and say hello to the lovely volunteers there. For ideas on places to eat, stay and visit, check out the Denmark Chamber of Commerce and Discover Denmark

A visit to the Denmark Historical Museum, managed and operated by the Denmark Historical Society on behalf of the community is a must, and the many paths and trails of Denmark are sensational.

For people with disability, two beach wheelchairs are available for use at no cost, one at Ocean Beach and the other at Parry Beach. The wheelchairs can go down to the waters edge and into the water. 

And if you're in need of a toilet, this National Public Toilet Map may help. Thank you for not using our pristine environment for emergency toilet breaks!

Electric Vehicle charging stations 

The Shire of Denmark has committed to doing its part to reduce Denmark's carbon footprint. In September 2019, Council declared a Climate Emergency and in March 2021 we adopted a Sustainability Strategy which guides our future vision for sustainable management of Shire operations and operates as a broader guide for facilitating sustainable development initiatives within the community. So if you're visiting our town in an EV, we salute you!

The Shire of Denmark offers vehicle users with electric and hybrid vehicles free use of a dedicated charging station (socket outlet) located at the Shire Administration building car park at 953 South Coast Highway, Denmark. All plugs are single phase 15amp. The Shire has also dedicated funds for another dedicated charging point to be installed in the Denmark township in 2022 - more information to come. RAC has published an electric vehicle charging station map of WA which may assist users further.