Tourism Strategy Development Has Begun

Published on Monday, 1 February 2021 at 9:21:25 AM

Great Southern Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence (GSCORE) has been appointed by Shire of Denmark to develop a new strategy to guide long-term tourism management and growth in Denmark.
The tourism strategy will aim to build on local industry strengths, identify social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism on the community and guide the development of a sustainable visitor servicing model.
The tourism industry plays a significant role in the Denmark community but Council recognises that increased visitation also brings a number of challenges.
Shire of Denmark President Ceinwen Gearon said Denmark was experiencing increasing visitor numbers compared to previous years.
"Over the last six months we have seen unprecedented numbers of Western Australians visiting Denmark since the outbreak of Covid19 which led to lockdowns at international and state borders," Dr Gearon said.
“The substantial lift in visitor numbers has provided economic benefits to the community but increased visitation also places pressures on Shire services.”
“As we hope more Western Australians will discover Denmark as a tourist destination for their next holiday it's vital that, together as a whole community, we develop a clear tourism strategy that guides the sustainable development of tourism in Denmark and mirrors the community expectations as described in the Community Strategic Plan."
The strategy will also make recommendations to help guide the Council’s decision making with regards to future funding commitments, including visitor servicing.
The tourism strategy will go through several stages of community and stakeholder consultation, commencing in February, before the tourism strategy is completed by the end of the financial year.
GSCORE is a regionally based not-for-profit organisation that provides tourism and trail planning and project management services.

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