Special Electors Meeting Outcome and Next Steps

Published on Tuesday, 1 August 2023 at 8:20:21 PM

This evening, more than 433 community members attended a Special Meeting of Electors at the Denmark Recreation Centre, to discuss the Kwoorabup Nature School lease.

A total of five motions were moved and discussed during the meeting.

The first motion (Motion 1) called for publication of planning and other documentation related to the site of the Kwoorabup Nature School, to defer changes to the site until planning approval and bushfire risk assessments have taken place.

The second motion (Motion 4, brought forward) called for the Shire to ‘prioritise facilitating a dialogue among all stakeholders and the broader community to revise the concept plan for Reserve 30277’.

The third motion (Motion 2) called for publication of ‘the environmental clearance of the site’ and asked if the school is aware of this.

The fourth motion (Motion 3) called on Council to rescind its resolution ‘in respect of item 9.3.1 of the 18th April 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting’ and to negotiate a new lease to the Lions Club over its headquarters.

The final motion (Motion 5) called on the Shire to impose ‘setbacks’ on some adjoining boundaries to the site in question.

Speakers for and against each of the motions were invited to address those in attendance and, after speakers had been heard, Electors in attendance cast their votes on each of the motions.

Motion 1: PASSED

Motion 4 (brought forward): LOST

Motion 2: PASSED

Motion 3: PASSED

Motion 5: PASSED

The meeting was closed after nearly 2 hours. Meeting started at 6.20pm

Next Steps

The meeting minutes (including the motions in full) will be published as soon as possible at this link: https://www.denmark.wa.gov.au/council-meetings/meeting/special-meeting-of-electors/253

The outcomes of the meeting (the passed motions) will be considered by Council at the next appropriate Council Meeting. Details about this meeting will be publicly advertised as soon as possible.

Members of the community are welcome to attend meetings of Council.

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