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Published on Monday, 28 February 2022 at 3:26:49 PM

As you may have heard, a Special Electors Meeting has been called, opposing the State Government Covid19 Mandates, in the Shire of Denmark for 4pm Tuesday 8 March 2022 on the grounds of the Shire of Denmark Administration Building.

We’re receiving a lot of queries about this meeting, how it came about and what it means.

What is a Special Electors Meeting?

A Special Electors Meeting is a meeting of electors (ratepayers), not Council. A Councillor will preside over the meeting and the CEO will ensure minutes are captured during the meeting and later made available to the public. Any decisions made during the Special Electors Meeting will be considered at the next practicable Ordinary Council Meeting (April meeting).


How did this Special Electors Meeting come about?

The Shire of Denmark received a petition with more than 100 signatures from electors with a direct request for a Special Electors Meeting to discuss vaccination mandates in the Shire of Denmark. This met the minimum requirements to trigger a Special Electors Meeting which must be held within 35 days of the receival of the petition according to the Local Government Act.


Who can attend the meeting?

All electors (ratepayers) in the Shire of Denmark are welcome to attend the meeting.


Do I have to attend the meeting to ensure my views are captured?

As mentioned above, any decision made during the Special Electors Meeting will be considered by Council. This means, the outcome of the Special Electors Meeting will not come into effect unless Council endorses. So, if you are unable to attend the Special Electors Meeting but would still like to have your views represented in the decision making process, you can write to the Shire or your local Councillor or you can attend the Ordinary Council Meeting when the outcome of the Special Electors Meeting is tabled in April for Council to discuss.

The April Ordinary Council Meeting is scheduled for 4pm Tuesday 19 April at Council Chambers.


Who do I contact for more information about this meeting?

The Shire of Denmark Governance Coordinator Claire Thompson is available to answer questions. Contact Claire on 9848 0300 or enquiries@denmark.wa.gov.au

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