Recycled Wastewater to Irrigate McLean Oval Next Summer

Published on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 at 2:39:00 PM

McLean Oval is set to be irrigated by recycled wastewater thanks to a joint commitment between the Shire of Denmark and the Water Corporation.

Water efficiency goals are embedded in the Shire’s Sustainability Strategy, with this joint initiative bringing those goals a step closer to reality.

Works commence this week on the section of pipeline that will deliver treated wastewater from the Denmark Wastewater Treatment Plant to McLean Oval.

When the project is complete, tens of thousands of kilolitres of treated wastewater will be diverted from entering the Wilson Inlet each summer.

A Wastewater Reuse Scheme and storage tank are already in place at McLean Oval in readiness for the project.

The next stage is the construction of pipeline, starting at the intersection of Hodgson St and Zimmermann St, then making its way up Hodgson St, crossing over Paterson St, along Kingdon St and Brazier St and then into the McLean Oval precinct. When this section is complete, Water Corporation will take over to install pumping infrastructure and additional pipeline.

During the construction phase, traffic management may cause some minor disruptions.

Before the taps are turned on in time for next summer, final approval by the Department of Health will be sought. Ongoing water quality monitoring will ensure this valuable water resource remains safe and available to use.

Recycled water is commonly used to irrigate public spaces and the Shire of Denmark is proud to get on board and make use of this valuable water resource.

For more information on wastewater recycling including a great video on water recycling visit the Water Corporation website on: 

For more information please contact Shire of Denmark Sustainable Projects Officer Laura Delbene on 9848 0300 or email

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