Property Compliance Inspections Begin Tomorrow

Published on Thursday, 30 November 2023 at 2:43:00 PM

Bushfire season has arrived, with the first day of December marking the beginning of property fire compliance inspections.

From 1 December each year, Authorised Officers visit properties throughout the Shire of Denmark to inspect firebreaks, driveway access and asset protection zones, along with all other requirements listed on the annual Firebreak and Fuel Management Notice.

Community members were notified in early Spring that officers will not be issuing warnings this year, with fines to be issued to demonstrate the seriousness and importance of compliance in the interests of community safety.

The Shire of Denmark continues to make efforts to grow community awareness and accountability around bushfire preparedness in advance of the peak of the 2023/24 bushfire season.

“We’re doing everything we can think of to grow awareness about the seriousness of the risks here in Denmark,” Shire President Kingsley Gibson said.

This year, the Shire has continued its support of the Bushfire Ready program locally, with the second annual Bushfire Ready Weekend held in early November well attended by our community.

“One of the really important reasons why we are keen to support Bushfire Ready in our Shire is that at it’s core, Bushfire Ready is about building capacity within our community to grow understanding of what to do to prepare for bushfire season, how to stay informed during bushfire season, and how to make sure your household is safe if a bushfire emergency strikes, without relying on others,” Cr Gibson said.

“During an emergency, the Shire, brigades and other authorities will be working hard to protect our community, but the responsibility for community safety doesn’t stop there. Community members play a role in ensuring our collective safety by being well-prepared and self-informed so our responders can focus their efforts on the areas of most urgent need.”

Cr Gibson encouraged any community members who do not yet have a Bushfire Plan, to make one without delay.

“It’s a simple process, but assistance is available through Bushfire Ready for those who would like to step through the process.”

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