Proof of Vaccination Requirements

Published on Thursday, 27 January 2022 at 4:35:05 PM

As of 12.01am on Monday 31 January 2022, the Denmark Recreation Centre will be subject to proof of vaccination requirements under a new WA State Government direction. This means from Monday, a person who is 16 or older must not enter or remain at a ‘specified vaccination venue’ (see below) unless that person is fully vaccinated or medically exempt.

Staff at the Denmark Recreation Centre will be required to sight proof of vaccination with accompanying identification before admittance to the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘specified vaccination venue’? 

The following categories listed in the State Government directive cover the Denmark Recreation Centre: A gym, indoor sporting centre, wellness centre, health club or fitness centre or dance studio (including a centre offering yoga, barre, pilates, aerobics, dancing or spin facilities), but not including any outdoor gym, outdoor skate park or playground.

What does this mean for indoor community sports?

Unfortunately, the State Government direction now lists indoor sporting centres as a 'specified vaccination venue' (see above). Only people with proof of double vaccination will be able to spectate or participate in indoor community sports activities.

Will I have to show my proof of vaccination status each time?

Denmark Recreation Centre staff will do their best to take an efficient and common-sense approach but thank you for your patience and understanding in advance. To avoid delays, the Service WA app or having your hard-copy proof of vaccination certificate and identification ready will help us streamline admissions to the venue. Gym members will have their own process linked to their membership cards with proof of vaccination status to further avoid delays.

What if I’m just dropping off my child?  

Unfortunately, if you are unable to show proof of your vaccination status, you’ll need to drop off at the door for supervised activities only. If your child is 16 or older, they are also subject to the proof of vaccination requirements.

Will the Denmark Recreation Centre be offering any new outdoor programs?

It’s early days yet, but we will be looking at expanding our services to include outdoor classes to ensure all members of our community may continue to access the physical, mental and social benefits of exercise and human connection. Stay tuned for more on this.

How long will this policy be in place?

That’s up to the State Government. We encourage community members to get their information around Covid-19 plans, guidelines, mandates, requirements and more from the source.

Here are some State Government Links which may be useful:

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Denmark Recreation Centre?

Our Manager Community Services Renee Wiggins is available to answer questions.

You can contact her on email or by phone (08) 9848 0300. 

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