Plan for Long-Term Protection of Coastal Reserves Adopted

Published on Tuesday, 9 July 2024 at 11:13:31 AM

Looking to the future of our coastline, the Shire of Denmark has completed its review and update of its Coastal Reserves Management Plan which concerns the Shire’s four coastal reserves: Ocean Beach, Parry Beach, Boat Harbour and Peaceful Bay.

The comprehensive new plan outlines the priorities for monitoring, intervention and forward planning to ensure the reserves are cared for and protected in line with community expectations and the unique environmental, social and cultural values specific to each reserve.

By adopting the updated plan, Council is committed to ensuring ongoing maintenance, protection and enhancement of our infrastructure and natural assets within our coastal reserves, particularly as pressures on these sites increase.

“It’s important we have a plan in place that can help us make the right strategic decisions to look after our coastal reserves for future generations to enjoy,” Denmark Shire President Kingsley Gibson said.

Community members can read the new Coastal Reserves Management Plan online via our Reserves page.

More information about the consultation process for the review is available on the project page:

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