Ongoing Revegetation Efforts to Heal Illegal Clearing on Inlet

Published on Thursday, 24 August 2023 at 9:32:07 AM

The Shire of Denmark continues to work with the local community to revegetate illegally cleared native vegetation along the Wilson Inlet foreshore.

The ongoing revegetation project uses locally sourced plant material from the inlet foreshore and is aimed at restoring the naturally occurring vegetation along the water’s edge which has been cleared in many areas without permits.

The revegetation project has been ongoing for several years, involving collaborations with WA College of Agriculture students, Denmark and Great Southern TAFE students, the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee, and keen volunteer members of the community undertaking tasks from site preparation and weed control, to seed collection, propagation and planting.

A recent community planting day along the Little River Walk Trail engaged up to 16 community volunteers of all ages from young children to the elderly to plant more than 2200 local provenance native seedlings planted across eight sites on the Wilson Inlet foreshore.

Plant species included local native sedges and rushes planted closer to the fringing foreshore with hardier plants capable of withstanding brackish saline seasonal inundation, with melaleuca paperbarks planted higher in the landscape profile.

The planting is conducted as a key action for implementation within the Wilson Inlet Management Strategy which aims to improve the water quality and health of the Wilson Inlet.

Shire President Ceinwen Gearon said she is proud of the ongoing efforts led by the Shire’s Sustainable Projects team to improve the health of the Wilson Inlet for future generations.

Community members who are keen to get involved in Wilson Inlet revegetation activities can get in touch with the Shire of Denmark Sustainability Officer on 9848 0300 or

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