Notice of Intention to Lease Peaceful Bay Fishing Camp

Published on Tuesday, 22 March 2022 at 1:37:43 PM

Council have resolved to advertise an intention to lease a portion of Reserve 24510, Peaceful Bay (known locally as the Fisherman’s Lease) to Bevans Pty Ltd, who currently occupy the site, for a term of 10 years.

The proposed annual lease rental is $1,950.00 (excluding GST) which is the commercial market rent, as determined by a licensed valuer.

The Council have identified the following conditions that would be placed on any new lease;

  1. Use of the site being restricted to the salmon fishing season only;
  2. Limiting the number of caravans, campers, tents or the like on the premises at any one time;
  3. Limiting the number of people resident on-site at any one time;
  4. Requirement for the lessee to minimise any negative environmental impact at the site or land adjacent;
  5. Referencing the site risks identified in the Ocean Beach and Peaceful Bay Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaption Plan, including the continual requirement that any structures on site remain a minimum of 10 metres from the edge of the dune cliff, due to the high risk of continual erosion or a significant one-off event.

Written submissions regarding the intention to lease should be submitted in writing, to the undersigned by no later than Friday, 22 April 2022.

For further information please see the Council Minutes from the meeting held on 21 December 2021 or contact the Governance Coordinator on telephone 9848 0300 or email

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