Grant Success in Response to Parry Beach Consultation

Published on Monday, 9 January 2023 at 3:24:42 PM

The Shire of Denmark is set to receive funding to deliver coastal hazard assessment mapping as part of a reviewed Coastal Reserves Management Plan on the back of gaps identified through Parry Beach community consultation in 2021.

In May 2021, the Denmark community was asked to share its thoughts about the Parry Beach reserve and its future, with clear themes about protecting the reserve from damage and development, as well as safety improvement opportunities identified.

A preliminary report detailing the community consultation findings released today highlights information gaps which, when rectified, will help the Shire to protect the Parry Beach reserve into the future in alignment with community expectations.

News recently came through from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, that the Shire had successfully applied for grant funding to allow that information gap to be filled by coastal hazard assessment mapping and further stakeholder engagement to identify long term planning and sustainable management of the reserve, taking into consideration climate change and increasing visitation pressures.

The newly reviewed Coastal Reserves Management Plan will not only cover the Parry Beach reserve, but will also ensure a uniformed approach for the long term management of the Ocean Beach, Lights Beach, Boat Harbour and Peaceful Bay reserves.

Shire of Denmark CEO David Schober said he was pleased to hear that funding had been made available for the Shire to gather more technical and community information to inform the review of the Coastal Reserves Management Plan.

“Our community is always telling us about their deep care for our natural environment, and in particular, our pristine and rugged coastline,” Mr Schober said.

“With this coastal hazard assessment mapping and engagement, we will be able to produce a long term management plan which will work towards preserving all the things that are special and unique about our coastal reserves.”

The project is set to be delivered over an 18-month period and will align with the relevant State Government Coastal Planning Policy.

The Parry Beach Preliminary Report is available online at: 

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