Granny Flat Policy Progressed in Denmark

Published on Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 1:40:05 PM

Last week, State Government approval came through for changes to planning rules that will make it easier to develop an ancillary dwelling (commonly known as a granny flat) in Shire of Denmark residential areas.

The Shire's local planning scheme now aligns with the State planning framework, meaning that ancillary dwellings can be developed in accordance with the Residential Design Codes.

This allows for an ancillary dwelling to be leased to someone who is not a family member, relaxes controls on how they are developed, and provides a pathway to avoid the need for planning approval (if within standards).

Although these changes apply to residential zoned areas only, the Shire has also progressed work towards developing simpler and fairer rules for all other zones.

A finalised local planning policy for ancillary dwellings is set to presented to Council at the November Ordinary Council Meeting, following recent public consultation.

Shire of Denmark Deputy CEO David King said the Shire has received significant support for the policy and was already receiving an increase in enquiries relating to ancillary dwellings.

“We received some really positive feedback and helpful suggestions from our community that have helped us to improve the proposed policy,” Mr King said.

“Residents seem ready to take up the opportunity to build ancillary dwellings and we are hopeful this will provide more diversity in our housing supply here in Denmark.”

“I would encourage anyone hoping to use or develop a granny flat to check out the information sheet on our website and contact our sustainable development team if they would like further information.”

Details of the advertised local planning policy and frequently asked questions are available on Your Denmark.

An information sheet will be available on the Shire’s website for residents interested in developing an ancillary dwelling.

The finalised local planning policy will be available as part of the Council meeting agenda for November.


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