Denmark's Volunteer Spotlight Series 2022/2023

Published on Tuesday, 6 December 2022 at 9:49:47 AM

Soon, community members will get a glimpse into the backstories of those in our community who donate their time, energy and expertise in the spirit of volunteering.

Thanks to grant funding from Volunteering WA, the Shire of Denmark is proudly shining a spotlight on local volunteers in the coming weeks.

Shire of Denmark CEO David Schober said he was pleased to be supporting local media to tell these important and inspiring stories.

“Volunteering is the backbone of small communities like ours here in Denmark,” Mr Schober said.

“And the people who step forward in their own time to contribute to their community deserve our collective thanks.”

Local freelance journalist Serena Kirby said it was a privilege to be hearing and sharing the stories of just a few of the incredible volunteers in our community.

“I've yet to meet a volunteer that does it for accolades or recognition, but recognising them for the vital work they do shows them how much we appreciate them,” Ms Kirby said.

“Volunteers often work quietly behind-the-scenes so to be able to learn more about some of the people who help create our safe and caring community has been an extremely inspiring experience.” 

The volunteering spotlight series will be featured in local news and social media in December and January.

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