Council Cuts Planning Red Tape: Policies to Smooth the Way

Published on Wednesday, 18 October 2023 at 4:00:00 PM

Reducing planning red tape was on the agenda at the Denmark October Ordinary Council Meeting yesterday, with two planning policies proposed to make life easier for building and business in Denmark.

The review of the policies was brought forward in response to the community asking for less ‘red tape’ through Denmark’s Strategic Community Plan Our Future 2033, with both newly reviewed policies approved by Council.

The first was a proposed overhaul of Local Planning Policy 44 to remove the need for planning approval for a number of common types of development.

The updated policy identifies a wide range of exemptions from planning approval for proposed works that are within set standards. With this step removed, development proposals for many common types of development can progress directly to a building application.

Following its adoption last night, the policy now reduces planning approval requirements over and above the State’s Planning Regulations.

The second policy tabled at the meeting yesterday was a reviewed Local Planning Policy 18, aiming to provide clarity and guidance for the establishment of businesses in residential areas.

It is designed to support the establishment of small-scale businesses which provide for a diversity of income, employment and economic development opportunities for our community, while being responsive and respectful of context, including safeguards for neighbours and the preservation of the town centre.

Denmark Shire President Ceinwen Gearon said reducing red tape will be an ongoing focus across a range of the Shire’s service areas.

“We are committed to modernising our local planning rules, bringing them into line with our community’s expectations,” Dr Gearon said.

“For those of us that don’t work with the planning approvals process day-to-day, it can be confusing and daunting. I’m glad we are making significant inroads with new policies that are easier to understand, provide clarity for businesses and remove unnecessary steps to save our community time and money.”

Residents and landowners planning developments are encouraged to contact the Shire to understand how the changed policies may relate to their project and to seek advice on whether approvals are needed before getting started.

Click here to view new and existing local planning policies.

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