Corporate Business Plan 2024-2028 Adopted by Council

Published on Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 9:04:50 AM

At the June Ordinary Council Meeting this week, Council voted to adopt the Shire of Denmark’s new Corporate Business Plan for 2024-2028.

The plan sets out the next four years of project delivery that the Shire will undertake as the team works towards achieving the vision and long-term aspirations of our community.

Denmark Shire President Kingsley Gibson encouraged community members to take a few moments to flick through the pages of the new plan.

“I’m really proud to have adopted a plan which so clearly sets out the link between community feedback and the actions we plan to take to address those issues and priorities,” Cr Gibson said.

“I hope community members who read it get a sense of the large body of work we plan to deliver in direct response to feedback received during our Strategic Community Plan consultation.”

“The Shire will be a hive of activity over the next few years as our team continues their hard work delivering project after project for the benefit of us all.”

The plan features an extensive list of roads and public infrastructure projects, environmental and conservation initiatives, youth-focused community programs, and much more across the full range of Local Government service delivery. 

For full details, community members can find the new Corporate Business Plan 2024-2028 online via our Strategy and Documents page or request a hard copy at the Shire of Denmark Administration Building.

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