Community Information Sheet for Dog Areas

Published on Tuesday, 21 September 2021 at 3:51:09 PM

Dog Areas at Prawn Rock Channel

CONTEXT: Denmark Shire Council adopted a Dog Policy for Denmark in May 2021. (The policy does not apply to Assistance Dogs as defined under section 8 of the Dog Act 1976.)

DETAILS: Recent changes to dog area signage located at Prawn Rock Channel have generated substantial community discussion. The Shire of Denmark has launched an interactive dog area map to assist community members eager to learn more about the new dog area boundaries. Visit the map here:

Frequently Asked Questions

The dog area signage at Prawn Rock Channel is confusing. Where can I take my dog?

We’re currently in the process of updating signage at Prawn Rock Channel to reflect Council’s May 2021 adoption of the new Dog Policy. More signage which will clarify the dog on-lead and dog off-lead areas will be installed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the Shire’s website has an interactive map which shows the dog areas around our Shire. Visit the map here:

Why do we need rules in place for dog movements in Denmark?

Denmark is a town full of dog-lovers, but not everyone in our community feels safe and happy in the company of a dog. We have dog friendly and dog prohibited areas throughout our Shire so our community can choose to enjoy our beautiful part of the world with or without the company of dogs. By following the regulations, community members do their part to prevent others from feeling unsafe or anxious in the company of an unknown dog.


Why is it necessary for dogs to be on-lead in the areas such as carparks and footpaths?

No matter how well-behaved they are, all dogs must be on-lead in some carparks and footpaths to prevent the risk of an unsupervised dog wandering into the path of a cyclist, vehicle, elderly person or small child. Putting your dog on a lead from the carpark to the exercise area is a small request which might prevent an accident. 


Why does Council see a need to include a protection area for birds?

One of the first things that springs to mind when describing the Denmark community is the community-wide respect for the natural environment. The people of Denmark treasure the rugged coastline, towering trees and diverse wildlife we have here in our corner of the world. It is unrealistic to expect Council to act in a manner contrary to the clear community expectation that we do what we can to protect our natural environment. By prohibiting dogs from some areas, Council is supporting the safety of the unique wildlife that can be found there. At the same time, Council wanted to ensure dog owners and beachgoers were still able to access the area without disrupting wildlife and the environment.


When the inlet is full, where can I take my dog to exercise?

Lights Beach and Laing Park are two fantastic options which aren’t too far away from the Ocean Beach area. Please visit the Shire’s interactive dog area map for more ideas. Here’s the link:


I have some feedback I want to share. How do I best go about that?

Just reach out to us! Our Councillors and Staff are here to listen to community feedback. We’re contactable via email, letter, phone or you can pop by the Shire Administration to say your piece - all we ask is that you show us the same courtesy and respect you would expect us to show you.

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