Burn Smart: No Time for Complacency, Even in Winter

Published on Saturday, 1 June 2024 at 8:00:00 AM

The end of the Restricted Burning Period doesn't mean we should be complacent about the risk of fire.
Now is an ideal time to familiarise yourself with the capabilities of the Emergency WA website.
It's important we're all aware of the risks and our responsibilities so we can Burn Smart this season. If you need to conduct a burn on your property, it's important to know and understand your responsibilities:
✅ You must not leave your burn unattended
✅ You must always have the ability and equipment to contain, control and extinguish your burn
✅ Let your neighbours know you plan to burn
✅ You should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while you conduct your burn
✅ You should have more than one person conducting the burn
❌ Don't burn green waste. Allow it to dry out first
❌ Don't burn plastics, vinyl, metal or anything that is not plant-based material. Fines apply
☎️ Call DFES Communication Centre on 9395 9210 to register your burn
☎️ If your burn escapes your control, call 000 immediately. It's far safer to get back up on the scene quickly to reduce the risk of a serious bushfire than to try to tackle a situation beyond your control.
DFES has a Burn Smart Guide which is a key resource for anyone considering conducting a burn.
Find more about Bushfire Readiness in Denmark and other key resources by following Denmark Bushfire Ready on Facebook.
You can also visit: Be Bushfire Ready
More information is available here: Fire and Burning Information

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