Building Information: Building Permit Expirations

Published on Monday, 3 July 2023 at 4:32:10 PM

The completion of ongoing projects now face the potential risks of permit expiration before work can be finished due to the impacts of current economic challenges on the building industry, such as rising supply chain costs and labour shortages causing project delays,

From a compliance and insurance standpoint, it is crucial for all builders to be proactive in ensuring their building permits are active through to the conclusion of works.

Section 32 of the Building Act 2011 (the Act) allows the relevant permit authority (the Shire of Denmark) to set out in the building permit the period during which it has effect. If a permit does not set out the duration, then that permit has effect for two years from the day it was granted.

All builders named on any building permit issued by the Shire of Denmark, should be aware of the official expiration date and make the appropriate application for an extension of time for that permit.

Building and Energy has issued Industry Bulletin 152 which provides information to industry on how to seek an extension to a building permit.

The Shire of Denmark Principal Building Surveyor - Ryan Harding, is available to answer questions and offer assistance at 9848 0300 or

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