Annual Report highlights community satisfaction

Published: Thursday, 9 January 2020 at 12:15:41 PM

Community satisfaction across nearly all of the Shire’s performance areas grew in 2018/2019, with achievements highlighted in the Shire’s latest annual report.

The report details gains made throughout the financial year towards fulfilling community aspirations laid out in the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan – Denmark 2027.

Significant work was undertaken in 2018/2019 to audit and understand the current state of all Shire-owned buildings and infrastructure and their associated costs. This work helped inform the Shire’s Asset Management Plan and Long Term Financial Plan which will pave the way for informed decision-making around renewal and maintenance of existing assets.

A number of internal improvements were made across the organisation bringing policies and procedures up to contemporary standards, improving service delivery and better aligning to the goals set out in Denmark 2027.

The completion of the McLean Park redevelopment to improve the playing surface saw a large majority of the works completed by local contractors and casual staff.

Community involvement in the project was significant, with sporting clubs contributing to working groups and committees to ensure the project was delivered with community needs as a priority.

The Shire’s draft Bushfire Risk Mitigation Plan was prepared following significant research and engagement with stakeholders and will lead to future access to funding to support community safety.

Shire President Cr Ceinwen Gearon said Council and staff will continue to focus on improving practices and aligning actions to the community’s vision over the following years.

Shire of Denmark Acting CEO Mr David Schober said the year had been challenging and rewarding and both he and Cr Gearon acknowledged former CEO Bill Parker for his dedication and service over the past three years.

The Annual Report 2018/2019 is available on the Shire’s website and available in alternative formats upon request. It will be presented at the Annual Meeting of Electors on 4 February 2020.

Read the Annual Report here

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