Advertising of Planning Application: Proposed Brewery

Published on Friday, 4 August 2023 at 11:19:42 AM

The Shire has received an application for a change of land use from 'Vehicle Repairs & Light Industry' to 'Brewery' at No. 2/4 (Strata Lot 2/Lot 974) Middleton Street Denmark.

The proposal seeks to convert use of existing industrial unit for beer manufacturing / production. In accordance with the Shire's Town Planning Scheme No.3 (TPS No.3) the proposed Brewery is classified as a Use Not Listed and is required to be publicly advertised.

Plans of the proposal can be viewed at Your Denmark or at the Shire's offices.

Comments can be made by:

This application is open for public comment until 4 September 2023.

Please remember to quote Shire reference 2023/108 so that your comments arrive in the right place.

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