Waterwise Re-endorsement for Shire of Denmark

Published on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 at 8:45:11 AM

The Shire of Denmark has been re-endorsed and recognised as a Waterwise Council for 2021 by Water Corporation.

Denmark has enjoyed Waterwise accreditation since 2017, a recognition of the Shire’s efforts committed to reducing water usage.

The re-endorsement was granted in late-February and is aligned with the key principle of Sustainable Water within the Shire’s Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 due to be presented to Council this month.

Water Corporation Manager Water Efficiency Partnerships Adele Gismondi wrote to Shire of Denmark Acting CEO David Schober to congratulate the Shire on its achievements.

“We would like to congratulate the Shire of Denmark for your achievements in sustainable water management and for demonstrating your commitment to building waterwise communities over the past year,” Ms Gismondi wrote.

A Water Management team meets regularly to discuss and implement action items in the Shire’s Water Efficiency Action Plan as it applies to Shire operations and the community at large and works towards meeting the requirements and goals set for the Shire through the Waterwise Council accreditation process.

The actions to improve water efficiency within the Shire of Denmark at both the corporate and community levels include auditing of the Council’s highest water consumption assets, landscaping to include low water use plants, hydrozoning and soil amendments, incorporating water efficiency initiatives in new or major refurbishment projects with the Shire and engaging with households, businesses and schools to promote water efficiency and sustainability programs.

Shire of Denmark Acting CEO David Schober said retaining the Waterwise Council endorsement from Water Corporation is in line with community expectations.

“Our community cares very deeply about sustainability and responsible usage of our natural resources,” Mr Schober said.

“It’s why we’ve been working closely with our Sustainability Strategy Working Group to develop a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy which will lead us into the future and every effort we makehelps take us forward to a more sustainable future, even if it’s as simple as doing our best to reduce our water consumption.”

“We are proud to be one of 64 endorsed councils across WA which take part in the Waterwise Council Program.”

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