Total Fire Ban and Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban 9 FEB

Published on Friday, 9 February 2024 at 3:20:00 PM

A Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban (sometimes referred to as a Movement Ban or Vehicle Movement Ban) has been declared TODAY, Friday 9 February from 9am until 8pm.
A Movement Ban is different to a Total Fire Ban, but strict rules apply regardless.
In this case, because a Total Fire Ban has already been declared for today, the rules of both the Total Fire Ban AND the Movement Ban must be adhered to.
  • Any 'off-road activity' is BANNED (including off-road activity for agricultural purposes or work being conducted by business, industry and public authorities).
To clarify:
'Off-road' means: paddocks, bushland, uncleared land, land with stubble and long grass
'Activity' means: the use of anything activated by an internal combustion engine such as vehicles, motor bikes, quad bikes, excavators, chain saws, lawnmowers and generators
  • Harvesting operations BANNED
  • You CAN use a vehicle on a gazetted road, lane, driveway and/or yard if the area is sufficiently cleared of flammable material.
  • You CAN ONLY use a vehicle in an ‘off-road’ area if there is an immediate and serious risk to the health and safety of a person or livestock and all reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the creation of a bushfire danger

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