Sydney Golden Wattle Blitz in Denmark

Published on Monday, 13 September 2021 at 10:13:22 AM

A Sydney Golden Wattle blitz is underway this month in Denmark with the Shire of Denmark leading a weed control program targeting the invasive wattle.

Shire officers have been at work mapping known and reported sightings of Sydney Golden Wattle within the bounds of the Shire with a long-term aim to eradicate the weed locally.

Green Skills Ecojobs, has also been engaged to carry out weed control works, getting to work on road reserves and bush reserves at more than 40 locations across the Shire throughout September and October.

In conjunction with this program, the Shire is appealing directly to private property owners and residents to take part in the blitz by removing the pest plant from their land before we move too far into the spring season.

“The Shire relies on community support and action to reduce the occurrence of invasive weed species which threaten our pristine bushland areas here in Denmark,” Shire of Denmark Sustainability Officer Yvette Caruso said.

“Now is the best time of year to be doing this weed control work because the plants are easily identifiable by their cylindrical yellow flower spikes, but it’s important to do as much as we can before they set seed again for another season.”

Ms Caruso said the Sydney Golden Wattle is actually quite simple to manage.

“Small plants and seedlings can simply be pulled out of the ground and larger plants can be cut to ground level, but it’s really important to do this before the plant goes to seed because seeds persist in the soil for up to 20 years.”

“It’s important to get on top of Sydney Golden Wattle in the Shire of Denmark before it invades too deeply into our beautiful native bushland so we’re grateful to everyone in our community who is taking part in this blitz.”

For community members eager to get involved in invasive weed management volunteer programs in Denmark, the Shire encourages people to get in touch with local environmental groups and organisations such as South Coast Bushcare Services, Greenskills and Denmark Environment Centre.

More information about the Shire of Denmark’s weed control programs is available at: 

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