Sustainability Strategy for Denmark Endorsed

Published on Wednesday, 17 March 2021 at 3:02:18 PM

The Shire of Denmark has taken one step closer to a sustainable future with the endorsement of a new Sustainability Strategy at yesterday’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Sustainability Strategy 2021-2031 was developed in consultation with the Shire of Denmark Sustainability Strategy Working Group and aims to achieve best practice in sustainability through the identification of key principles and objectives aligned with ten sustainability pillars.

It comes after the Shire of Denmark declared a climate emergency in September 2019 and resolved to align with 2016 Paris Agreement targets.

The strategy, which was endorsed by unanimous vote, will guide the Shire’s future vision for sustainable management of Shire operations and operate as a broader guide for facilitating sustainable development initiatives within the community.

The strategy looks ahead to 2030 with achievable targets of a 50 per cent reduction of current Shire of Denmark Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and to 2050 with aspirational outcomes of net zero GHG emissions from all Shire operations and activities.

The ten pillars which provide a holistic approach to sustainability outlined in the strategy are zero carbon energy, zero waste, sustainable water, land & nature, sustainable travel & transport, sustainable materials & products, local & sustainable food, equity & local economy, culture & community and health & happiness.

Shire of Denmark Councillor and Sustainability Strategy Working Group Chairperson Jan Lewis thanked community members, Shire staff and Councillors for investing their time and passion into the development of the strategy.

“These documents will help guide our organisation along a tenable and more sustainable path,” Cr Lewis said.

“We live here because we love the stunning natural environment that surrounds us and the intrinsic feel of the place.”

“It’s my hope that the key principles and objectives of the strategy, which cover almost all aspects of our lives from culture, community and the local economy to issues such as waste and our carbon footprint, will help to ensure that Denmark remains a place that people can live and enjoy for generations to come.”

A Sustainability Action Plan has also been put together to complement the strategy which outlines specific actions under each sustainability pillar as a means to implement and report on the Shire’s commitment to sustainability which will be incorporated into the Shire’s operational planning and annual budgetary process.

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