Reusable Coffee Cup Network to Tackle Single-Use Coffee Cups

Published on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 at 8:33:59 AM

In a continued collaboration with local community activist group Plastic Reduction Denmark, the Shire of Denmark is taking another step to tackle single use coffee cups in Denmark with a three-month subsidy of the ReturnR subscription and starter pack program.

It comes off the back of the Mug Library Initiative launched locally last year as the Shire works towards Zero Waste goals outlined in its Sustainability Strategy.

According to Sustainability Officer Yvette Caruso, there has been broad community support for the introduction of a reusable coffee cup network solution to complement the mug library.

“A reusable coffee cup network is ideally suited to a town the size of Denmark as a great way to encourage the community, and visiting tourists, to embrace reusables, rather than single-use disposables,” she said.

The idea aligns with the State Government Plan for Plastics ban.

Local business food retailers have been provided with the option to be gifted a subscription and reusable coffee cup starter pack in a collaborative project between the Shire, Plastic Reduction Denmark, Green Pantry and ReturnR in an effort to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics.

“The customer has the option of paying a refundable $6 deposit for a stainless steel coffee cup and can choose to return and be refunded the deposit or refill the coffee cup at participating café retailers,” Ms Caruso said.

Participating cafes include: Green Pantry, Teahouse Books, Ravens, Tarifa, Shell, Reminisce Café, Strickland French Hot Bakery and Denmark Gelato.

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