Out for Comment: Proposed Caravan Parks

Published on Thursday, 12 October 2023 at 10:20:00 AM

The Shire is currently assessing three applications for approval of proposed Caravan Parks (Nature Based Park - 4 Sites) at the following locations:

  • 580 (Lot 113)  McLeod Road, Scotsdale (Reference Number: 2023/143)
  • 1678 (Lot 12) Scotsdale Road, Scotsdale (Reference Number: 2023/132)
  • 1949 (Lot 3)  Scotsdale Road, Scotsdale (Reference Number: 2023/145)

Plans for each proposal can be viewed at Your Denmark or at the Shire's offices.

All Caravan Parks are assessed against Local Planning Policy No. 51: Caravan Parks & Camping Grounds available at www.denmark.wa.gov.au/plan-build-develop/planning-building-services/local-planning-framework.aspx

Community is invited to provide comments via the following methods:

These application are open for public comment until 9 November 2023.

Please remember to quote Shire reference number so your comments arrive in the right place.

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