Local Planning Strategy Receives Council Endorsement

Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 9:29:16 AM

The Shire's new Local Planning Strategy was endorsed at the May ordinary Council meeting, along with a list of modifications that respond to community feedback received during the consultation period.

The Strategy sets the stage for changes that will improve and modernize the Shire’s local planning rules and respond to current community expectations.

A total of 79 public submissions were received, as well as 6 from State Government agencies, providing valuable feedback that resulted in several substantial improvements to the Draft Strategy that was advertised late last year.

This included a revised approach to tourism land uses, removing proposed tourism precincts in favour of a criteria-based approach to ensure future tourism developments are sustainable both environmentally and socially.

“Having been involved in the Working Group for this project since its inception, I’m very excited to see the final outcome of this process”, said Denmark Shire President Kingsley Gibson.

“Denmark and the world around us, has changed enormously since the last Strategy was completed in 2011” Cr Gibson said.

“We firmly believe that this Strategy reflects a balance of community views that will enable us to respond to contemporary issues and will appropriately guide our future growth and development for the next 10-15 years.”

“We acknowledge that our Shire will continue to grow.  This strategy is about looking forward and moving forward whilst bringing what is good about our past along with us.”

The Draft Local Planning Strategy, submissions received, and a list of the proposed modifications to finalise the Strategy will now be presented to the WA Planning Commission for review and final approval.

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