Local Planning Strategy Community Update

Published on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 11:31:51 AM

Community members braved the weather last week to attend the Shire’s Local Planning Strategy Community Update event on Wednesday 23 June, with some attendees also logging in via Zoom.

At the event, Shire officers and community members discussed some of the key issues shaping the Draft Local Planning Strategy and changes in State legislation that we are contending with.

Residents who attended were able to ask questions, record their views and discuss their concerns with Shire staff.

The Shire is looking for ways to improve sustainability, support tourism and agriculture, account for population growth being experienced, and preserve the character and values of the Shire.

To support this the Shire is currently working on studies into bushfire hazards, commercial trends and the protection of landscape values.

While acknowledging recent pressures in the housing market, the Shire has found that there is already enough residential land identified to accommodate for Denmark in the long term. Having received many questions about supporting more innovative and sustainable housing this is something the Shire plans to focus on.

At the event the Shire asked residents for feedback on:

  • Their views towards infill development and increased residential density, as a means to improve sustainability and combat sprawl
  • The reasons that Denmark residents access commercial services in Albany, to provide perspective to our economic data and trends
  • The location of high value landscapes and views that are worth protecting
  • The location of places where tourism development should be encouraged

The Shire has now opened a survey on Your Denmark for anyone who missed the event and would still like to offer their views.

The survey will remain open for public contributions until Wednesday 14 July.

A Draft Local Planning Strategy is proposed to be reported to the Council in December 2021, with public consultation expected to follow in 2022.

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