Kids Sensory Kits Join the Collection at Denmark's Library

Published on Thursday, 7 September 2023 at 9:24:20 AM

The Shire of Denmark is pleased to announce the addition of Sensory Kits for children at Denmark Public Library.

There is an assortment of Sensory Kits in the collection thoughtfully made to cater to diverse needs, which include a Relaxation Kit, a Focus Kit, a Movement Kit, and an Emotion & Feeling Kit.

The Relaxation Kit aims to assist children who may find it challenging to unwind. It features items such as noise-cancelling headphones, a weighted lap pad, stretchy strings fidget toys, mindfulness flashcards for calmness, a volcano lava tube, and an engaging trestle tracks marble run.

The Focus Kit is designed to aid children struggling with concentration and restlessness. It is comprised of a weighted monkey, emotion flashcards, colourful rainbow pebbles, a soothing blue squishy ball, people fidget toys, a magnetic chalkboard, and a fidget tube.

For those seeking physical activity, the Movement Kit includes yoga cards, a bean bag set, vibrant scarves, a ribbon ninja for active play, and an aquatic animal coil spring, while the Emotion & Feeling Kit is crafted to support children in managing their emotions, including emotion flashcards, a handheld mirror, "Big Feelings and What They Tell Us" book, "The Colour Monster" book, rainbow pebbles, and routine cards.

The Sensory Kits were acquired from the Happy Giraffe in Albany, the Therapy Story, and the Sensory Specialist, thanks to funding from the Shire of Denmark.

The inclusion of Sensory Kits in the library collection is an exciting development, offering valuable learning, exploration and personal growth benefits to children.

Senior Librarian Robyn Fairclough said she hoped the Sensory Kits would be a useful resource to local families.

“We really hope parents and care givers are able to utilise these resources and see what works for the children with sensory sensitivities that they live and work with,” Ms Fairclough said.

Shire of Denmark President Ceinwen Gearon expressed her pride in the library's ongoing contributions to the community.

"We are incredibly fortunate to have such a remarkable and diverse collection in our local library, curated by our hardworking library team,” Dr Gearon said.

“The addition of the Sensory Kits to the collection represents yet another step to provide support members of our community with diverse needs and interests.”

Also available for loan is a calming canoe, which provides a secure comforting space for children to read, and a tactile wobble cushion.

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