Erosion Remediation at Prawn Rock Channel

Published on Thursday, 13 October 2022 at 11:33:24 AM

In recent months, erosion has occurred along sections of the sandbank at Prawn Rock Channel.

The progressing erosion is now threatening existing infrastructure and requires remediation work to prevent damage. Details are as follows:

  • Location: Prawn Rock Channel
  • Extent of works: approximately 90m of sandbank to be stabilised
  • Timeframe: Thursday 20 October – Thursday 10 November (weather depending)
  • Construction Methodology: Installation of limesand filter bed, geofabric, and rock armour
  • Traffic management: Intermittent single-lane closure. Expect minor delays.

These works are in line with how other sections of the sandbank have been previously stabilised and protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the environmental implications of the works? There will be minimal environmental impacts from the works as the materials used to stabilise the bank are large limestone rocks (matching already stabilised lengths of the channel) which have a low risk of contamination. The bed of the channel will be largely undisturbed. All necessary approvals will be gained prior to works starting.

Will I be able to access the island while works are underway? Yes. Parking will be available at the most northern carpark. Works crews will be closing off the southern carpark to the island, but access via the bridge will still be possible. We ask community members to be mindful of any machinery and safety warnings while work is underway.

How long will the works take? The goal is to complete the project within three weeks, but as always, construction project timelines are guided by Mother Nature.

Can we easily access the water once there is a rock wall there? Yes, we will be installing multiple ‘landings’ so users have a designated, safe access point to the water.

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