Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Review Update

Published on Thursday, 21 December 2023 at 3:34:00 PM

The Shire of Denmark has been seeking feedback from community members and Shire of Denmark staff to help ensure that all people are welcomed and included in all aspects of life within the Shire, as part of the review of the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

Making the engagement process accessible was a top priority, so lots of options to provide feedback were given to the community including online and hard copy surveys, in-person community forums and drop-in sites, in addition to phone, text or email feedback.

A total of 111 submissions have been received during the consultation so far.

Some of the topics that came up in the feedback included the need to improve communication between the Shire and our community, how the Shire can make events more accessible, how the Shire can provide more inclusive programs and services, and what the Shire can do to help the DAIP reflect what our community finds important.

The next phase of the review involves inserting the feedback into the new draft DAIP 2023-2028.

Once the draft has been written, our community will be given a further opportunity to comment to make sure we have captured the feedback appropriately, with the aim to have the review complete by March 2024.

For more information about the review, contact information and details for the current DAIP, please visit our engagement page: www.yourdenmark.wa.gov.au/daip-review or contact our Community Development Officer on (08) 9848 0333 or rosemarie.arnephie@denmark.wa.gov.au.

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