Council Adopts New Housing Affordability Policy

Published on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 at 3:57:00 PM

Amid the on-going nation-wide housing crisis, Council has reviewed its policy position on affordable housing.

In April 2022, Council adopted the Shire of Denmark’s first affordable housing policy, which focused on advocating for affordable housing to address critical shortages in Denmark and surrounds.

In response to deepening housing challenges that continue to impact our community, Council has accepted a new policy position that continues a position of advocacy, but now also opens the opportunity to make the most of potential future funding opportunities.

Shire President Kingsley Gibson said the updated policy aligns with community expectations.

“We know our community wants us to do what we can to lessen the enormous challenges created by the current housing crisis,” Cr Gibson said.

“Our new policy position means we have opened the door; should a funding initiative for essential worker housing arise, we can now make the most of such an opportunity and look to achieve an actual ‘bricks and mortar’ outcome.”

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