Compromise Achieved at Prawn Rock Channel Island

Published on Thursday, 23 June 2022 at 9:14:38 AM

A new bird sanctuary is set to be created in the Wilson Inlet after an extensive consultation process ended in compromise at this week’s June Ordinary Council Meeting.
Council passed an alternate motion which will set in stone the creation of a bird sanctuary at the area north of the temporary fencing on the sandflats at Prawn Rock Channel island.
Beachgoers and their dogs will be able to access the sandflats by either of the two footpaths across the island, in a compromise that preserves the dual access to the area, while formalising the bird protection area.
Once it is in effect, the bird sanctuary will be off-limits for humans and dogs. There is a proposal for future construction of a central footpath and bird hide.
Shire of Denmark Chief Executive Officer David Schober said it was good to see this long-standing issue finally resolved in compromise.
“The topic of a bird sanctuary at Prawn Rock Channel island has been kicking around in our community for many, many years,” Mr Schober said.
“Hats off to Council for taking on this divisive and challenging issue and for trying to achieve a fair resolution for all users of the area.”
The aim of engaging with community so extensively on the issue for so many years was to understand the many different opinions and uses at the site.
“Officers have worked closely with Council to try to achieve a compromise which creates a safe space for rare shorebirds while providing adequate space and access for the accessibility-friendly dog exercise area,” Mr Schober said.
He said Council acknowledged there would be a transition phase while the community comes to grips with the new bird sanctuary, but said he hoped this decision would represent the long-awaited conclusion of such a divisive issue in the community.
“We look forward to seeing all user groups enjoying the beautiful area down at Prawn Rock for many years into the future,” he said.
The bird sanctuary will be in effect from Thursday 14 July 2022.

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